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Customised Mentoring & Coaching

Customised one-on-one training is a very effective method of developing skills and generally delivers quick results, saves time and is cost-effective.
It’s the perfect solution for busy managers and staff who need to develop skills but don’t have the time to attend training seminars.

Innovative Training Services (ITS) is committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Tailored training delivers both remarkable results and the best ROI. 

You tell us your learning & development objectives and the time-frame, and we will work closely with you to achieve the training outcomes you’re looking for.

Outline of our one-on-one training process:

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Most common use of 1:1 training for skills development:

Who will benefit from this type of training?

What people say about our 1:1 mentoring & coaching

“My one-on one-coaching sessions have equipped me with the perfect platform to develop my leadership. Sessions were catered specifically to my needs, and coached in a way that empowered me. Providing me with the confidence to implement strategies, which has seen a significant amount of success across my teams. The ongoing support and coaching outside of the sessions has also kept me accountable and supported throughout my journey.”

Supervisor with 27 direct reports – Medical Centre (4 sessions, 1 month apart)

“The mentoring sessions were just what I needed to get a fresh perspective on issues with my staff and one manager. Marie is very knowledgeable and was able to zero in on what the real issues were and provide strategies for dealing with them. She set clear steps and strategies I was able to apply straight away. This resulted in a noticeable reduction in my stress levels, I didn’t realise just how wound-up I had become!”

Financial Manager with 8 direct reports – Food Company (3 sessions, 1 month apart)

“Doing presentations is a requirement of my job that I really loath. I found the coaching helped me to gain control over my content (much more professional now) and my nerves. I’m more relaxed now and the format really works for me. Highly recommend this form of training if you want to improve your presentations and your delivery.”

Executive – Electrical Company (2 sessions, 2 weeks apart)

“The 1:1 sessions have been invaluable to me and how I handle my role. The processes and strategies I applied really worked and my staff and my boss have seen big changes in me. My confidence meter has gone up 200%. Thanks Marie, you’re awesome to work with, can’t recommend your training highly enough.”

Team leader with 4 direct reports – Health Centre (6 sessions, 2 months apart)