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Dealing With Difficult People & Situations

Course Overview - Full Day

Do you avoid dealing with difficult issues in a timely manner? Does the problem or issue often go into the too hard basket. Many people find it hard to have the tough conversations when they perceive the response could be confrontational.

Workplaces emphasize the importance of ‘getting along’ and ‘working as a team’ yet in reality it’s not that easy. This comprehensive course will provide you with step-by-step strategies for dealing with difficult situations confidently, whether they be at work or in your personal life.

Course Structure
Focus On The Big Picture

How to let go, focus on your area of direct control and influence, and not sweat the small stuff. How to avoid being sucked into dramas.

Collaboration and Assertiveness

Learn practical strategies for having tough conversations, gaining consensus, finding workable solutions, and dealing with difficult staff interactions.

 De-escalation Guidelines

Step-by-step process to calm and de-escalate a situation, whether that be with staff or with an angry/ abusive customer.

Managing Self

Recognise what pushes your buttons, how to manage your response and the importance of dealing with issues in a timely manner.

Effective Communication Skills

Understand communication ‘roadblocks’ and how to avoid them. Use the 10 step Conflict Resolution model to gain workable solutions.

Working With Others

Gain insight into individual personality dynamics, the 4 different working styles and how to work effectively with other personality temperaments.

Remain Professional Under Pressure

How to remain professional under pressure by using the 5-step problem solving process, worry control techniques and focusing on ‘Circle of Control’.

2024 Course Dates for Auckland

2024 Dates: 22 February | 23 May | 22 August | 21 November


Standard Fee: $650 + GST
Early Bird Fee: $595 + GST

Early Bird Cut Off Dates

2024 Dates: 22 January | 23 April | 22 July | 21 October


A full day course, starting at 9.00am and concluding at 4.00pm.


Registered course attendees will be provided with full venue details.

Limited Numbers

Course numbers are limited to 10 participants. Please register early to avoid disappointment.


Highly experienced trainer, a comprehensive manual, ITS Certificate of Achievement, lunch and refreshments.

Training Outcomes

Course Feedback

Managing Director
Manufacturing Sector

The material in this course is easy to follow, very insightful both professionally & personally. I can now understand the different working styles of the main people at our head office and how to work with them. Thank you.

Campus Manager
Education Sector

Thank you. I have enjoyed the training and have learnt many skills I will put into practise – problem solving, conflict prevention, communication roadblocks, to name a few.

Business Development Manager
Employment Sector

This course exceeded my expectations. I now have the tools to deal with the challenges which have been stressing me in my role.

Support Analyst
Insurance Sector

I found all of it beneficial. I think it’s really great and would highly recommend this course.

Customer Representative
Transport Sector

An excellent course. A good balance of information, activities and tools which can be applied both at work and in personal. Thank you!

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