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Time Management – Essential Skills for Leaders & Managers

Course Overview - Full Day

A manager’s role is a demanding one and in this fast paced, disruptive business environment, most managers and team leaders are time-challenged.

Not only do you need to organise you own time, but you also need to accommodate the needs of your staff. Is a large amount of your day wasted by interruptions which are minor and don’t really require your expertise? Are you caught in the ‘urgent’ trap with no time to plan and prepare?

This comprehensive course is full of practical strategies to manage the many balls you’re juggling and make it easier to put competing tasks into perspective.

Course Structure
Recognise The Signs

Recognise indicators that time management may be a problem. Efficiency versus busyness. Understand the effects of poor time management habits on workplace pressure.

Focus On What’s Important

What’s the main purpose of your role? Focus on your most important tasks or objectives. Clarify expectations, overcome dependency, and manage competing deadlines.

Is This The Best Use Of My Time?

How to prioritise, take ownership of your day, respond when others place demands on your time. Assess your performance against 30 common time wasters.

Effective Delegation

Understand how to overcome barriers to delegation, how to put into place an effective 8 step process to manage risk, monitor progress and avoid upward delegation.

Organise & Manage Your Environment

Practical advice on how to manage interruptions, phone calls and gain control over your emails. Learn strategies to effectively manage your busy schedule.

Planning and Prioritising

Fundamentals of planning and prioritising. Learn how to stay focused, by putting competing tasks into perspective. How to get off the urgent treadmill.

Make Better Use Of Meetings

Meetings that are not well managed can be huge time wasters. Learn 10 tips to make your meetings more productive.

Beat Procrastination

Procrastination often causes important tasks to become unnecessary crises. Recognise the triggers which drive the procrastination habit. Use the 6-step process to help beat the pattern.

2024 Course Dates for Auckland

2024 Dates: 20 March | 19 June | 12 September


Standard Fee: $650 + GST
Early Bird Fee: $595 + GST

Early Bird Cut Off Dates

2024 Dates: 20 February | 19 May | 12 August


A full day course, starting at 9.00am and concluding at 4.00pm.


Registered course attendees will be provided with full venue details.

Limited Numbers

Course numbers are limited to 10 participants. Please register early to avoid disappointment.


Highly experienced trainer, a comprehensive manual, ITS Certificate of Achievement.

Training Outcomes

Course Enquiry

Operations Manager
Sports Sector

This course has been very good and I can’t find any fault. It has been money well spent and I will be recommending it to other’s in the organisation.

Managing Director
Building Sector

An excellent course that identifies top time wasters and then provides solutions/actions to correct them.

Course Feedback

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